Responsible Lending

Here at HIOA Loans, we are committed to act in our customer’s best interest. As a start, we deal only with lenders who follow a strict responsible lending policy, and that includes assessing the borrower’s affordability and ensuring full understanding of the details of your loan. While credit checks do not apply on logbook loans and you may think that acceptance should be guaranteed, whether or not you are qualified for a logbook loan is upon the lender’s discretion.

It is always the lender’s responsibility to ensure client’s affordability and maintain transparency with your loan’s terms and conditions, making you aware of the benefits and drawbacks of your contract, if any. A responsible lender will make sure the loan you choose is tailored to suit your needs, and should also help you out if you struggle with your repayments. No responsible lender will subject you into an argument that will cause you further difficulties in the future.

As part of our responsible lending policy, we will always take into account your capacity to repay. More than just helping you secure a quick cash loan, it’s even more important for us that the loan you’ll get will not add further damage to your financial and credit standing. However, we also expect that you should be transparent about your real income, expenses, and other unseen factors that may come in the way. Only then can we help you decide on what type of contract and terms are appropriate for your financial situation. But while it is the lender’s responsibility to offer you that much-needed information, at the end of the day, it is ultimately up to you to decide whether a logbook loan is right for you.